About Us

My family cooked delicious traditional Persian dishes for generations and passed their recipes down. As a boy, I loved to watch my grandmother and mother cook. Intrigued by the many techniques and ingredients they used, my passion evolved around food.

I'm Jake, the owner of Jake's Falafel Corner. My falafel recipe took over 15 years to perfect. It was worth every effort. Once you taste it you'll understand why. Now, everyone can enjoy fresh traditionally-made hand-rolled falafels, charbroiled chicken kebabs, stuffed grape leaves, combination roll-ups and Persian rice dishes. In addition, I have added my own twist to some of these recipes, with creations like my fiery falafel, buffalo falafel, falafel burgers, falafel dogs and more. If customers want something on our menu but with their own twist, I am happy to create it.

We serve only the freshest and most delectable dishes. Our priority is to give our customers an amazing taste of the Middle East.

Stop in for a sample, I guarantee you'll come back to Jake's Falafel Corner.

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